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Do you have an audition coming up? It's nerve-wracking.
Come to us to help with your preparation.
Our team's knowledge of showbusiness includes all aspects of musical theatre.
Get the expert hints on how to prepare for a successful audition.
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Record your speech
Have your speech professionally recorded on CD.
Give yourself the chance to practise your speech in professional surroundings.
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Painless Public Speaking has select partners in other fields who meet our standards of excellence.
Ask us about
Painless Entertainment: Quality, tailored entertainment for your functions.
Painless Interior Design: All facets of domestic, commercial and corporate interior design.
Painless Organising: Everything to do with organising your home or office.
Painless Recording: Record your speech, your composition, your choir.

For hire Melbourne 5 minutes from Chadstone Shopping Centre:
*Boardroom for training, conferences meetings (by the hour, day or week)
*Safe and secure small office suites
*Large flexible Warehouse Storage space

PowerPoint Help
"Painless Power Point": Bringing IT and Public Speaking together
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